Download Launcher App For IOS

Launcher app is supported on iOS widgets are very popular due to the convenience and fast that it brings. On iOS, Apple has added widgets system, take advantage of this, Launcher want users to quickly access the software via the notification bar at the top. Just drag down the notification bar, Launcher widget displays the applications that the user needs to open without having to spend time searching.



In addition to quickly open a certain app, users can also quickly access a certain website or create contacts with just one click is called. Because a lot of things should support Launcher also allows us to rearrange the icons to tangle and more easily classified.

Launcher for iOS is free, when purchased for $ 3.99 Pro version, we will be adding more options like: Hide name below each icon, adjust the size of each app on the widget bar. With the thumbnail icon, the user will have more area to no more applications, in addition to being awarded three rows plus Launcher, bringing the total number of app may appear a maximum of 20.


With this latest version, Launcher has marked a new stage of development through the continuous update new wallpapers every day, a series of useful widgets, customizable gestures, tools and effects unique roll .

Please download and enjoy the same features now!

Download launcher to enjoy ngau this feature!

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